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Now offering: "Let me help you get booked!"

Private Virtual Audition Coaching for Actors

How many times have you asked yourself,
but never got feedback from the casting director or client?

As your private coach, I'm going to help you answer that question
by inviting you to join me behind the virtual casting room door!


  • You can ask me anything about the casting process

  • I will critique your headshot and resumes

  • I will review some of the self-tapes you've already submitted to prior auditions and will give you honest feedback

  • We can work on new scripts/storyboards for upcoming auditions and perfect your performance and the quality of the look and sound of your self-tapes to make them more competitive in our market

I will put in the work with you, coaching you on your auditions to make them stand out so you can get more callbacks and bookings!

I've been in the business for 39 years, and I have worked throughout the USA and internationally as a writer, director, cinematographer, script supervisor and more.

But the last 23 years I've spent as a casting director in my hometown of Cleveland has given me a special insight into our regional market.

I've cast both films and commercial campaigns here and I have come to learn that some

auditions submitted by local talent are not competitive for various reasons.

Let's make sure you are submitting professional self-taped auditions and work to improve them so you can get more callbacks and book more roles!

Introductory pricing:

15 minute session: $15.00
30 minute session: $25.00
45 minute session: $37.50
60 minute session: $50.00

For more information or to book a session please e-mail:


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